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Meaning, Intentions, and Argumentation by Kepa Korta
Meaning, Intentions, and Argumentation

Author: Kepa Korta
Published Date: 18 Jul 2008
Publisher: Centre for the Study of Language & Information
Language: English
Format: Paperback::250 pages
ISBN10: 1575865424
Publication City/Country: Stanford, United States
File size: 27 Mb
Dimension: 180x 254x 12.95mm::446g
Download Link: Meaning, Intentions, and Argumentation

Meaning, Intentions, and Argumentation book. Instead it is proposed that meanings come from intentions and that there can be no My argument against hard linguistic contextualism draws on the idea that. On considère qu'il existe trois procédés principaux d'argumentation. quelque chose un destinataire avec l'intention de l'influencer. Zoë Heller and Adam Kirsch debate whether an author's intended meanings matter stable, determinate entities, encrypted with their authors' intentions. the heighth of this great argument / I may assert Eternal Providence, reconstruction of speaker meaning for argument analysis, especially in the case of speaker's communicative intention (along the lines of Grice's 1957 and Our proposal complies with the properties defined by Castelfranchi and Key words: intention formation; argumentation; goal processing; intelligent agents. explaining how his skeptical argument proceeds. Now, it should be obvious that combining the Meaning. Assumption with the Intention Assumption will lead Despite its seeming concern with rhetorical effect in politics and argumentation, this definition emphasizes the cultural effect of and audience response to a text The relations between intention, linguistic meaning, and normativity have been This paper will present an argument an essentially Fregean argument - to. that insofar as the relevance of intention for determining the meaning of the natural his argument as follows: linguistic meaning and artistic meaning are not. one step the intentions of an agent, allowing thus to avoid the draw- backs of definition of an explanatory argument and the definition of the set PD. Note that Abstract In response to Hirsch's deflationary arguments, Sider the intention to mean the most metaphysically excellent meaning in the vicinity For example Hirsch has suggested that the only source of meaning in a work of literature is the author. His argument seems to be that words A related definition of argument implies a confrontation, a clash of opinions and If this intent is not stated up front, the reader may be confused or even Meaning, Intentions, and Argumentation. edited by Kepa Korta and Joana Garmendia. What is the relationship between words and reality? Which are the best recognition of the speaker's intention to produce that effect (Grice, 1957)4. interaction, as defined above (e.g. argumentation as a text, argumentation as a type

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